Leaving Neverland, a trailer reveals the documentary about the abuses committed by Michael Jackson

HBO released the first trailer of the documentary in two parts Leave Neverland, in which two menWade Robson and James Safechuck– detail separately the ill-treatment they suffered at the hands of Michael Jackson. This documentary will be controversial as allegations about Jackson's behavior have been around for years. Dan ReedThe film of these two men tells in detail their experiences as young boys.

The documentary also explores the long-term effects of abuse, with interviews with mothers, wives, and brothers and sisters of Robson and Safechuck to deepen their life experiences after meeting with Jackson and explain why it took so long to speak.

Check Leave Neverland trailer below. The first part of the documentary airs on HBO on March 3rd, followed by the second part on March 4th.

Here is the official synopsis for Leave Neverland:

This two – part documentary explores the separate but parallel experiences of two young boys, ten – year – old James Safechuck and seven – year – old Wade Robson, both friends of Michael Jackson. Through heartbreaking interviews with 37-year-old Safechuck and 41-year-old Robson, along with their mothers, wives and siblings, the film paints a picture of ongoing abuses, exploring the complicated feelings that led the two men to compare their experiences after both. had a young son of their own.

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Image via HBO

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