LeBron James becomes the only player in the top 10 career points and aids


MEMPHIS – LeBron James became the first player in the league history to rank in the top 10 in both the NBA's attendance and scoring lists.

NBA Leaders Career Assistants

John Stockton 15,806
Jason Kidd 12.091
Steve Nash 10,335
Mark Jackson 10,334
Magic Johnson 10,141
Oscar Robertson 9,887
Isiah Thomas 9 061
Chris Paul 9,006
Gary Payton 8,966
James Lebron 8,529

Already ranked No. 5 in points all-time ahead in Monday's match against the Memphis Grizzlies, the star of the Lakers Los Angeles, has entered a category by finding Kyle Kuzma for a double with 6:58 to go in the first quarter to allow L.A. to climb 15-14. That was the 8.525th attendance of his career, surpassing Andre Miller for 10th place aids of all time.

The next step for James on both lists is a pair of Hall of Famers members who clashed at the NBA Finals in 1996: Michael Jordan and Gary Payton.

Jordan is # 4 in all-time scoring with 32,292 points. James went into the night with 32,138 points. Payton is No. 9 on the all-time list, with 8,966.


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