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LeBron James is not worried about the possibility of a sudden drop during the final stages of his career

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LeBron James is just months away from his 34th birthday and is currently in his 16th NBA season. Without a doubt, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is closer to the end of his career than his debut, but he no doubt continues to be the NBA's best player.

Of course, it will not last forever, and eventually James's game will begin to decline. The question is when and how much of this will happen. It can be deduced that part of this disease has been observed since he had a sprained groin.

The injury prevented James from playing 17 consecutive games, then forced him to sit back after his return due to persistent pain. He did not always look familiar, which, according to some sources, would have in the organization of the Lakers.

The NBA has seen many players become a shell of themselves, seemingly extravagant, and James is approaching a moment in his career where most would expect some sort of decline. However, James is not worried about a sudden decline in his game, as he explained to ESPN's Rachel Nichols:

"No, I do not do it. I do not. Because my game is so multi-dimensional that I can hide parts of my game that may be declining while still being productive, if it makes sense. I can do some things for which, if some parts of my game are not as effective as when I was younger, I can spice up other parts of my game. "

It is certainly something that others before him have done. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant both changed their game when their athleticism began to decline, relying more on footwork and strength, while dominating the mid-range.

Similarly, James has so many exceptional skills that he could be effective in many ways. One area in which James has already made much progress is his post-match, which could become an even more important part of his attack in his last years thanks to his strength and passability.

Becoming more a player back in the basket would still enjoy his other amazing skills. But as James has not yet shown any significant signs of physical deterioration, everyone guesses when it will actually make these changes.

Despite a slight decline, he became the only player in NBA history to be in the league's top 10 scoring and assisting lists.

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