LeBron James praises the mentality and concentration of Duke Phenom Zion Williamson, Embrace Comparisons

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY HUI Sports

While Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James made the leap from high school to the NBA, he said that if he had attended college, he would have gone to Duke University. Not surprisingly, he was seen playing a Blue Devils basketball game as freshman Zion Williamson took the lead in a 23-point win over Virginia.

Williamson is undoubtedly the first choice in the draft of the NBA 2019, if he chose to make himself eligible. With a promising future, some analysts have argued that Williamson would not spend the rest of his first-year season to avoid injury.

Williamson has already refused to do so and has pledged to play all year long, which has earned him the praise of James. "His athleticism, which we all see, his ability to jump beyond the 10-foot rim. What is also incredible is its size, speed, agility, speed, "he said.

"And then, on top of that, he's a great kid. Whenever the media asked him questions, he was always right and very humble about it. He is humble about playing the game he loves every day. I like everything that happens to him from the outside. He keeps the basics, it's basketball and is part of something special.

"I think the Duke program is special right now. Not only with him, but with RJ, with Tre and with Cam Reddish. They surround themselves with the coach's greatest coach of all time K. It's an amazing thing for Zion and the rest of those guys. "

Williamson has been touted as the first prospect not to be missed since James left Ohio. "I think the comparison will never stop, but I think it's great for the game. People will always make comparisons – which player reminds you of him, "said James.

"What this guy does is similar to this guy. I never had a nose in my nose or anything to say with the comparisons between Sion and Sion. I think it's great. I think it's great for the game. "

These are noble expectations to be met by a 19 year old, but James seems to have given his approval, which can only be positive for the long career of Williamson.

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