LeBron James reacts to the viral bench Video of him Riders learning has always had a wait time against the warriors


► LeBron James reacts viral video bench to teach him Cavaliers still had a timeout against the warriors.

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23 thoughts on “LeBron James reacts to the viral bench Video of him Riders learning has always had a wait time against the warriors”

  1. U guys, please wake up! The Jewish owners have u by the balls! They want u to think they are favoring GS when they really r favoring Cavs. They r manipulating u guys! Also laughing their asses off at u and running to the bank with your $$. Someday league will go too far and blow their cover and some of us will say, I told u so!! Cavs couldn't hold GS's jocks in a fair game!! LeBron would be bitching and crying up a storm if he thought refs were favoring GS. He would look stupid as hell, that's why he is just calm and excepting the GS is way better! Refs treat Curry like he's Mike Dubleavy when they play the Cavs!!!!.

  2. 2 wins at home followed by a win in Oakland or whatever that shitty town is called then back home for the title. I can see it. Golden state is relaxed after those 2 wins. Their intensity will not be around for game 3. Hopefully the refs get bought off by the cavs instead of the warriors.

  3. The funniest thing about this video is that many fans have gone on social media, claiming that Jordan would have motivated his teammates in that moment. It's almost as if they never watched Jordan play or researched how he conducted himself. Think about this:

    Love commits a silly foul, giving Curry an and-1
    George Hill misses a free throw
    JR Smith forgets the score
    Coach Lue doesn't call a timeout

    That's three-fifths of the starting lineup and the Head Coach, all making critical mistakes in the final minute of the game. I'm not here to argue who is better, because I personally feel that of the two I would take Jordan and there are more names in that conversation anyway. However, for all of the comments everyone will see, I've yet to read a single comment when a person actually provided a scenario, even close to the powerful gut-punch as that sequence was for Lebron, that Jordan ever had to endure in the NBA Finals. Think about that. That would be like saying Pippen committed a silly foul, Ron Harper missed a free throw, Rodman forgot what the score was and Phil Jackson didn't call a timeout in the heat of the moment, all in less than a minute. Think about how ludicrous that sounds to even say about Jordan's 96'-98' Bulls.

    To add to that, going back to this idea that Jordan would have motivated his teammates in that moment. Having watched Jordan play and now knowing how he operated with his teammates, Jordan would have been FAR more likely to absolutely lambast JR Smith in front of the world for those entire 2-3 minutes, with profanity the likes of which we've never heard before. Then, he probably would have punched him in the mouth when they got back to the locker room and he wouldn't even be on the court for game 2 period.

    Now, take a moment and forget about who is better. Just imagine how the world would respond to LeBron doing everything that I laid out in that scenario.

  4. Just a theory, but I think Lebron was mad at the refs not Ty Lue… He tried to call timeout with over a second left right in the ref's face and the ref ignored it… just my 2 pennies…

  5. These athletes are not a so-called black nation leaders! They are either paid by the whites to move a certain way and/or married to another nation's women and/or a product of two nation's coming together which all means there is an AGENDA fools. A so-called black leader carrying a purse, gtfooh!!!! They are destroying our nation and I'm not taking about the Under Satan Authority (USA) nation!!

  6. Class, champion, charisma, humble, humorous, intelligent,and a great leader! These are just some of the elements that makes ? LeBron James , the Goat! Let's go Cavs!! ?? ?!!!

  7. i am more of a Jordan kobe fan, but bron is nicer to his teammate than them.sure bron has his asshole moments, i think the stars always do with the responsibility..i just dont like the unnecessary drama bron brings, but he sure isnt a an asshole to his teammates like kobe, and i think kobe's game more

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