LeBron James suggests pelicans behind the smear campaign of Anthony Davis


James Lebron

Suggest pelicans behind

Anthony Davis Smear Campaign

28/02/2019 12H43 PST

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James Lebron thought Anthony Davis the media is dirtying him – and he seems to point to the people who run the pelicans in New Orleans.

Bron had invited Davis on his HBO series, "The Shop" – where guys, with stars like Antonio Brown, discussed the real issues in their life.

The subject turned to "public relations" when Antonio suggested that the Steelers – or at least powerful members of the organization – were trying to misrepresent it as a "distraction" in the media in recent weeks.

"It's the story they're trying to create once you've done your own work," Brown told the series … "It's like, this guy is a distraction. He's that kind of guy. from central Michigan, 6th round, who worked his ass. "

LeBron made a comment essentially consistent with Brown's opinion – and then compared AB's situation to Anthony Davis.

Remember, Davis publicly asked for an exchange in January – and since Bron and him share the same agent – many people thought that they had been associated to force the Pelicans to transfer AD to the Lakers.

During the negotiations, negative stories were published about Davis – and LeBron seems to be suggesting that the hit plays were orchestrated by the Pelicans.

"7 years in the league, no one has ever said anything negative about AD but you can tell when the story has changed when you do not do what they want you to do."

Davis now plays the season with the pelicans – and hopes to be traded at the end of the season.

If LeBron is right and pelicans have bad stories about AD when they are upset – it will be interesting to see how they will react to this segment of LeBron 's show.

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