LeBron James has won two Olympic gold medals while playing for Mike Krzyzewski, and the triple NBA champion has already referred to legendary head coach Duke as his favorite.

On Wednesday, James reacted to coach K's recent rant expectations for his starry team with a message that could signal the future decision of LeBron James Jr.

"Love Coach K !! The BEST BEST! I hope he's still at the helm when my boy rides."

LeBron could just be stirring the pot, and it's too early to tell if his son will even play at the university.

By the end of high school, LeBron James Jr. may not be required to spend a year at university before traveling to the NBA – assuming he becomes a wanted prospect. An amendment to the rule of non-compliance with the NBA should not occur before the 2021 draft.

It should also be noted that the coach K is 71 years old. He may consider retiring before LeBron James Jr. embarks on college or professional basketball.

Bronny visited Duke Campus and spent time with Zion Williamson during the summer.

Earlier this week, LeBron also said that he hoped to someday be able to share the floor with his son in the NBA, which means that James could have the intention of playing until the end of the day. at that he is 40 years old.

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