Lee Daniels "Disturbed" Fox canceled the series with black threads, "Beyond Embarrassed" by Jussie Smollett – IndieWire


"I'm really embarrassed," Daniels told Vulture about the Smollett controversy.

Lee Daniels' "Empire" musical series "Fox" will begin its sixth and final season later this year. The broadcast network announced the last season of one of its flagship series in May, but "Empire" was not the only series in the Fox with black tracks disconnected. Almost all Fox series with a black lead have been canceled, including "Star," "Lethal Weapon," directed by Damon Wayans, "Rel, Lil's" Rel Howery, "the drama" Proven Innocent " Russell Hornsby, and David Alan Grier, comedy "The Cool Kids". Daniels recently confided to Vulture that he was troubled by the common point of all cancellations.

"Obviously, there are obvious things going on," said Daniels to the question of whether Fox had dropped the ax on his original series with black mines. "I think it's very obvious. This has bothered me. But I do not think 'Empire' has anything to do with [a possible whitewashing of the network]. "Empire" lives in his own space at Fox, but I question the agenda. Any fool could see where he's going.

The last season of "Empire" was announced following the controversy that lasted several months and involved Jussie Smollett. The actor was accused of having organized his own hate crime attack in January to give a salary boost to Fox's musical drama, although the case was filed in March. Daniels immediately backed Smollett's defense after the alleged attack, citing Instagram to claim that Smollett did not deserve to be attacked. Daniels said that it was embarrassing to discover later that Smollett could have simulated the incident.

"I'm more than embarrassed," said Daniels. "I think when that happened, I had a flash of me fleeing the bullies. I had a flash of all my life, my childhood, my youth, to be beaten. "

Daniels claimed that there remained "some doubts" about Smollett's innocence. "I tell you because I like it so much," said the director. "It's the torture I'm in right now, because it's literally if it were to happen to your son and your child, how would you feel? You would feel, Please, please, please keep in mind that there is this glimmer of hope that there is a truth in this story . That's why it was so painful. It was a deluge of pain. "

"We were not there. I can not judge him, "Daniels continued. It's only for the fucking woman or for that man with that black dress and God. I had to detach myself and stop calling, because it was wasting the time I had for my children, the time that I had for my partner. It affected my mind and other shows, everything. "

"Empire" will be back for its sixth season in the fall.


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