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According to rumors, Ubisoft has some surprises to share at its annual press conference on E3. Unfortunately for the company, one of his biggest surprises was unveiled a few days earlier than planned. Legion watchdogs the details of the game arrived earlier than expected. While Ubisoft later confirmed the information with its own tease, the valves were apparently opened and further details arrived before the show.

The last leak concerns the game boxes of a Twitter user named dennisK_90. As expected, Legion watchdogs has several editions among which fans can choose, which provide no details as to the nature of the game. Each cover features several characters wearing different masks, the standard edition showing the big ben clock tower of London to the background.

London having apparently been confirmed as the new location of the game, the inclusion of many faceless characters also confers validation to previous leaks that allowed players to switch to any NPC character they desired at any time. Although the benefits of this operation are still unknown, reports indicate that the selection of certain characters will also change the story in a different way.

Anyway, Ubisoft is getting ready to answer most of the questions that arose following these numerous leaks later during its presentation of the E3 2019 show. Legion watchdogs, fans can expect to see more news on games like Division 2, Ghost Recon Breakpointand a surprise or two. Many fans are waiting to see a Assassin's Creed kind of announcement, whether it's Ragnarok, very widespread, or the next downloadable content for Assassin's Creed Odyssey can somebody guess.

Legion watchdogs is currently in development with no release date or platform confirmed at the moment.

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