Lena Waithe, winner of an Emmy Award, was chosen for season 3 of "Westworld".

HBO Westworld has generally had a long wait between the seasons of the famous western science fiction western. Combine this with a plot that is best kept secret, and there is little information that fans can hang on during the months off. Fortunately, there is some casting news to satisfy us. Recently, it was announced that Emmy Award winner Lena Waithe was chosen for season 3 of Westworld. Here is what you need to know.

Lena Waithe
Lena Waithe | Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Who is Lena Waithe?

Waithe is an actress, producer and writer. At the beginning of his career, Waithe wrote for series such as Transparent and Bones. She was a producer on the comedy film Dear whites and guest played in the derived series.

Waithe was first recognized as a writer and star in the Netflix series Master of none. She won an Emmy for writing the episode of Season 2 "Thanksgiving", becoming the first black woman to win this Emmy.

Since winning the Emmy, Waithe has continued his career. She had an important role in the hit movie Player Loan Aand she wrote and produced the next movie Queen & Slimwith Daniel Kaluuya. Waithe has also created his own Showtime series, The Chi, which is currently broadcasting its second season.

Preview Westworld Seasons 1 and 2

For Waithe fans who are planning to jump on the Westworld wagon, be prepared: It's a complex drama with a lot of twists. It's not as exciting to see if the main points of the plot are ruined, so here's the bottom line:

In season 1, we discover Westworld, a kind of adult amusement park in the near future, in which wealthy guests can come and play their fantasies of life in the wild west among the "hosts" – very androids humans, programmed to play specific characters. Of course, where there is money, energy and technology, many problems can occur.

In season 2, other worlds are displayed, including Shogun World and The Raj. Employees work around the clock to deal with the consequences of a recent disaster, while guests find themselves in unexpected places. And it becomes increasingly difficult to determine who lives at what time.

Here is what we know about Westworld Season 3

For the moment, nothing is known about Waithe's role in the upcoming season, including the number of episodes she will be in and the type of character she will play. Here's what we do not know: first, Waithe is not the only new Westworld member of the cast. It was announced in September 2018 that breaking Bad the star Aaron Paul had joined the series. According to later information, the shooting of the third season would begin in March 2019.

As for when we can hope to see Westworld Season 3 is the bad news. It's a show that takes a lot of time to shoot. So do not expect a promotion in a few months, maybe in the fall of 2019. Many people believe that the first will take place in early 2020 if we are lucky.

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