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Les Braves score three points in 10th place in Padres

SAN DIEGO – A week after qualifying Charlie Culberson for "Charlie Angels in the Outfield", Luke Jackson breathed a sigh of relief when Nick Markakis arrived just in time to make a match that could have saved the match in the 7-5 win, 10 innings of the Braves

SAN DIEGO – A Week After Calling Charlie Culberson "Charlie Angels in the Field" Luke Jackson once again uttered a sigh of relief when Nick Markakis arrived just in time to do what could have been a decisive pass in the Braves' 7-5 victory against the Padres, 10 innings, Saturday night at Petco Park.

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"In this situation of the match, you are all in the game," said Markakis in reference to the take that he made when he crashed against the right field wall to deprive Francisco Mejia of a double that would have scored at least one point with a withdrawal. in the 10th inning.

At a party where Kirby Yates, the closest Padres player, suffered his second defeat, on 32 occasions this year, the Braves could have celebrated that before their closest, Jackson, had erased self-inflicted stress by forcing Padres reliever Luis Perdomo to watch the match. 2 fastball with loaded bases.

Knowing that the Padres were out of position, the Braves intentionally walked Manuel Margot to charge the goals of Perdomo, who had already counted twice this season but had recorded four triples among his five hits in 2017. If the reliever had been successful , he would have prolonged the enthusiasm in this case of rocking, during which San Diego had a probability of victory of 78%, by Fangraphs, before Ronald Acuña Jr. hit a draw tied with two outs in seventh place.

"That's how we play all year," said Markakis. "In the seventh inning, we are quite difficult. We love our chances as well as anyone at the end of the match. We just have to continue what we are doing and have timely success late in the game. "

We can not deny the potential of the Braves, who have the best record of the MLB, 38-17, dating from May 10. The six – game advance that they gained in the National League of the East was built on the strength of an offensive become even more powerful than Josh Donaldson has scored 13 of his 22 homeruns and has produced a total of 1,125 in his last 27 games.

After Friday's two-circuit performance, Donaldson gave the Braves a quick lead with a two-run run in the first leg on Saturday. He then traced the first step that fueled the 10th decisive round of three sets. Ozzie Albies delivered a single go right and Tyler Flowers Perdomo extended the woes by adding the necessary insurance with a two-run double.

While the Braves tied a total franchise record of 93 games (503), they feasted on throwing in the final innings. They scored 180 top points in the NL or seventh inning or later. The Nationals are second with 156 points.

"They kept pushing us, but we pushed harder," said Albies.

As the Braves move towards the July 31st deadline, the acquisition of a starting pitcher on the front line still seems to be the most pressing need. However, despite the fact that they have produced a 2) auction with the best MLB dating back to May 18th, there should nevertheless be a desire to add a last minute experience to this inexperienced relief corps.

A J. Minter Since returning from the minor league, he has taken a few steps and he may have escaped unharmed in the seventh inning of Saturday if Freddie Freeman had not left the goal at the second goal to allow Manuel Margot to score on a double flight . The Braves quickly cleared this deficit when Yates saw his opportunity to save six withdrawals evaporate with Austin RileyThe sacrifice of the player who makes fly in eighth.

Anthony Swarzak extended his dominance with a scoreless eighth in what was his first appearance for two weeks missing with inflammation of the right shoulder. Sean Newcomb also continued to look like a valuable asset when he pitched around two runs in the ninth inning and scratched Fernando Tatis Jr.

As for Jackson, no one can deny the fact that he has proved that he can be a very valuable asset to the proofreader. But since he has allowed at least one point in 10 of his last 22 appearances, he has created an additional reason to ask himself if he should be the closest to a caliber club.

Jackson was lucky. Culberson made the impressive run that prevented an equalizer in the ninth in Sunday's Marlins victory. After Jackson cleared Manny Machado's solo circuit in 10th place on the final outing, he was rescued by Markakis' defensive jewel.

"I knew that he was staying in the park, he would catch it," Flowers said. "He seems to find a way to climb the walls and hit them to catch them. It was either the end of the game or the second outing. "

Mark Bowman has been covering the Braves for MLB.com since 2001.

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