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Les Mets discussed Noah Syndergaard with at least 6 teams

10:37 p.m.: The Mets have recently been discussing Syndergaard with no less than six teams, reports Newsday's Tim Healey. Unsurprisingly, though, there is "minimal urgency" on the part of the Mets to trade Syndergaard, that they must be "seduced" to move, writes Healey.

12:19: The Padres have recently checked the availability of the Mets starter Noah Syndergaard, according to Jon Morosi of MLB.com (Twitter link). The right-handed man was a known target of the San Diego organization during the winter, although the teams failed to align at that time.

It is not at all clear that both organizations have embarked on a comprehensive trade dialogue to date. And there are other teams who are also interested in Syndergaard, 26 years old. It is still far from certain at this point that the Mets move it, let alone where.

There are tough calls ahead for the New York fight organization. Sitting at ten games under .500, there is more hope of getting out of the hole this season. But the club's record is set to continue the conflict in 2020. Syndergaard would then have an obvious value for the team, as it is controllable for two more seasons by refereeing.

Selling Thor will probably have no meaning for the Mets if it means contenting itself with a return that reflects its production of 2019. Syndergaard only achieves an ERA of 4.68 out of 105 2/3 innings. There does seem to be a mix of sequence and hit ball problems – it has a slightly depressed skid rate of 67.0%; Statcast gives him a .280 xwOBA against, which is a lot better than his .314 wOBA against, but he also has a low number of career shots (11.9%) and withdraws from the zone (31.5%) .

Given the initial interest, it is clear that other organizations still have a lot of expertise in Syndergaard's strong right hand. He is still averaging over 98 mph with his fastball. His point of release has wandered this year, which could reflect a concern, an attempt at adjustment, or an area to correct.

The key question may ultimately be whether a team is willing to put enough talent into play to force the Mets' hand. For the Brothers, the current addition of Syndergaard would greatly improve the immediate prospects, although a gaping gulf in the division is a dubious strategy. Such a decision would mainly concern its potential anchoring of the rotation of next season, with an extension also possible. The San Diego organization is full of young talent, so there is no shortage of imaginable pieces that could be included in an agreement.

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