Let's be honest – there's a campaign to push Elon out … to hurt Tesla



Published on March 18, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

March 18, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

By following certain topics professionally or simply obsessively, you can identify email templates. The important thing about messaging is that it is deliberate. It is repetitive, frequent if possible, and focused on obtaining the desired result influenced by the image or perception. The target audience may be the entire population or a specific subset of the population. Heck, it could even be a person (if you just want to send a message to the president through the TV).

Some messages circulate organically in the crowd – whether they were created intentionally or not – but long-term messages on very specific topics are often deliberately targeted.

What's interesting is when you have two completely opposite messages fighting him day after day. We will not enter the Trump – Russia collusion ("102 contacts and 28 meetings between the Trump / Transition campaign team and the Russians") Against no collusion debate (lol), but all this is an excellent example of radically different messages at war against each other over a long period. In the case of Tesla, the fascinating disconnect is the message "Elon is totally awesome" as opposed to the message "Elon is a fraud that does not succeed and should withdraw from the Tesla message".

Elon Musk has reached a particular level of hero among millions of Tesla and SpaceX fans (I'm not sure that there are a lot of PayPal fanatics, even though there are a lot of fans there. satisfied users). It is the face of a generation striving to put an end to the global heating crisis, or even a few generations. It is also a rare face of extreme innovation and disruption in exciting industrial fields. More than the CEOs of almost every other big business, Elon Musk is the face of Tesla and SpaceX. (The only similar examples I can mention are Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, Bill Gates at Microsoft, Steve Jobs at Apple, Richard Branson at Virgin and George Foreman at George Foreman Grill … wait what?People who love Tesla and SpaceX in general love and support Elon Musk.

On the other hand, many stock market analysts (often Tesla, not throughout Tesla), short sellers of TSLA loudly, members of the financial / economic press (including New York Times, unfortunately), troll armies on Twitter, summary "investment" blogs and anyone who the organizers of the attack think they can take with her for the ride. In this context, there is an incessant "worry lag" in which critics of Elon Musk claim to want to see Tesla succeed and that everything would be fine if Elon left.

Of course, it's a total nonsense for most of us who follow Tesla closely and have invested in Tesla (I have it). First of all, you have to come out of the bubble that the short sellers and other sources of defamation have formulated for us and realize that Tesla is actually a resounding success. Scroll through some of these sales or browse through Tesla's articles to see how well Tesla has achieved his long-term plans and how much it has challenged many expert critics. You must either say that Elon Musk planned things a lot better than the critics supposed, or that he still managed against all odds. Either way, the man deserves absurd accessories, which is why millions of people give him these accessories.

Elon knows how to recognize the tens of thousands of employees who do the daily work that makes Tesla great. No doubt these people deserve praise and respect. Anyone who makes Tesla a great company and contributes to the manufacture, sale or maintenance of such outstanding products deserve some recognition for having left their mark on the world. I recently visited Tesla's offices and factories and I expressed my personal thanks to many employees for their service to the company, but tens of thousands of people have obviously escaped me. .

That said, a good company needs a good leader. A company that succeeds "the impossible" – not once, not twice, but dozens of times – certainly has a leader with exceptional leadership skills, a strategic genius and a business acumen. This shit does not happen if the head is not on the beast.

(Apologies for having colored a moment, but sometimes it takes color to emphasize a point.) But the point must now be obvious – Tesla is what it is (among others, a resounding success) largely because from his CEO. Shareholders know it. If Elon Musk dies or quits Tesla tomorrow, the stock price would collapse, as many investors bet on Tesla because they bet on Elon (Ron Baron is part of this category of investors, either by the way).

Nevertheless – or, in fact, because of that – A long-term messaging strategy is underway to smear Elon Musk. Some of this information has been revealed in a definitive way, with some right-wing organizations, for example, setting up smudging sites, harming Elon's image. But much of it slips through without revealing the hand underneath, and becomes a little obvious when you look at the patterns. Tesla critics, Tesla short sellers and Elon hackers want Elon. Sometimes, rather than being drawn into their story, you just have to realize it and recognize it.

All this article was triggered by a title I saw a few hours ago on Google News: "Elon Musk's days as Tesla's CEO could be numbered: JPMorgan Analyst". However, I must correct this statement. This has not been triggered by this title, but by hundreds of titles and similar statements, even thousands. This title, as blatant as it is, has overcome them all.

Yes, some banks, some investment funds, some short sellers and some competitors in the auto sector would like to see an end date of Elon Musk's role as Tesla's CEO. This is obvious. Tesla is destroying investments in other automakers, oil companies and hedge funds betting against Tesla. If they can make small molehills (some tweets) look like mountains and avalanches, they can try to deflect the message from the heroism of Elon Musk and place it on a much darker image of Elon. They use every possible opportunity to do it. And that was effective. Many normal people have assimilated and assimilated the message, which has significantly reduced Tesla's sales and investments in Tesla. But the ultimate goal is not just to slow down Tesla's growth, but to destroy Tesla. It seems that some time ago, it was decided that an effort to destroy Tesla would pass through the head of Tesla, the mastermind of the blueprint, Elon Tusk.

I was not at the meeting where this part of the plan was hatched, but I think it's clear from the comments on Elon and from the media coverage of Elon in recent years that it had become the path of attack for attack Tesla. It's become like a giant ad hominem. Dodge the attention of Tesla's successes and disruption by attacking a sometimes sensitive and weird human. Describe him as a troubled and troubled man, then pretend that the whole future of Tesla lay on the shoulders of a chaotic and chaotic fraud. I know very good people, intelligent people and climate-minded people who bought this story, whose thoughts about Tesla and Elon are in this context. The question is to know where all this is going.

Apart from a discussion of an extremely effective messaging campaign, what is the point of this article? It is: Do not let the smear campaign affect you. Do not participate in the daily anti-Elon hype and the professional messaging campaign to defeat it. It is useless in society.

Stay calm and charge.

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Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG and ABB. After years devoted to sun protection and electric vehicles, he simply has confidence in these companies and has the impression that they are good clean tech companies in which to invest. it does not offer any professional investment advice and should not be held responsible for your loss of money, so do not rush.

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