Let's Mosey: A slow translation of Final Fantasy VII (Trailer)

Tim Rogers spent 800 hours in two years replaying sixteen Final Fantasy VIIs in English and Japanese. This eleven-part series presents digs, examines and explains dozens of minimal differences between the game's first English translation and its original Japanese script.

This series is not intended to "re-translate" or provide a "better" translation of Final Fantasy VII. It simply aims to give the viewer the personal point of view of someone who is fluent in the Japanese language. Japanese achieves a wonderful depth with relatively fewer characters than English. An example of this series shows a four-letter Japanese sentence of up to 70 characters in English. Therefore, this series seeks to broaden the dialogue of the game and to let it flourish in English, which its original translator could not have incorporated into the English version of the technology in 1997.

By the end of this series, even people less familiar with new language learners should have sufficient knowledge of the mechanisms of Japanese grammar to appreciate the climax.

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