LG announces a new "organizational change" in the hope of a recovery of mobile activity


LG has had a rather hectic year in terms of high-end smartphone releases, throwing virtually everything to the wall in the hope that something sticks. Although the V40 ThinQ, V35 ThinQ and even G7 ThinQ handsets are undeniably solid, their box office potential has undoubtedly been hampered by this apparent lack of focus, as well as extravagant pricing.

Of course, the tech giant is not looking to throw the sponge on his cell phone … for the moment, reshuffling his direction so that the current president of LG's Home Entertainment division is also responsible for the smartphone division, a long-term company.

This seems to be the ideal man for LG's "mobile turnaround" because the company's home entertainment department is indeed a machine to earn well-oiled money. In the third quarter of 2018, for example, LG TVs and audio products generated a substantial profit of nearly $ 290 million, while its mobile devices lost more than $ 130 million.

Ironically, the latest "organizational changes" to strengthen LG's "strengths and opportunities" come exactly one year after the previous round of "leadership and business change" to "strengthen competitiveness."

In November 2017, LG appointed Hwang Jeong-hwan as president of the mobile division and, although he apparently "managed to strengthen the quality assurance and efficiency of the product development of the operation", he was obviously not enough to generate profits.

Ranked among the seven largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, LG remains the third mobile player in the United States, behind Apple and Samsung, with a certain growth potential. It remains to be seen exactly how the new head of the company's smartphone division plans to "turn around" the business. Losing the ThinQ brand would probably be a good start.


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