LG launches "removable dual screen" with ThinQ G8 and ThinQ V50



Bongsuk Kwon, LG's boss for mobile phones and TV, talks with the press in Seoul.

(Image: LG)

LG Electronics will unveil a new flip screen, alongside G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ smartphones, at the Mobile World Congress, said its mobile boss.

The removable flip type display will be the V50 ThinQ display and its connection will actually create a "dual screen" phone.

While the South Korean tech giant will not reveal a collapsible phone at this event, Bongsuk Kwon, who heads both mobile phones and TVs at LG, told reporters at a conference press release in Seoul that he had such a device remains uncertain.

"We think the dual display form factor will be enough to experiment with 5G and decided not to do it," said Kwon. "LG Electronics has already introduced a roll-up TV at CES, and this technology is forward-thinking."

"We will decide to launch a foldable phone after we have read the reactions of customers and the market with regard to the product," he added.

LG plans to hold a press conference on February 24 in Barcelona, ​​which Kwon had previously confirmed during the presentation of ThinQ G8 and V50 ThinQ devices with 5G technology.

The G8 ThinQ will have a 3D sensor manufactured by Infineon that will enhance the front camera and allow a new hand gesture function.

The V50 ThinQ will have a new steam chamber to better dispel the heat and is a strong candidate to become the first 5G phone to be launched in the US and South Korea.

He will also unveil new models for his mid-level Q and K series at the show.

Compatriot Samsung, who is holding his own media event in San Francisco, has opted for a different strategy and will launch a foldable phone alongside his new smartphone Galaxy S10.

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