LG starts teasing the OLED 2019 TVs


It must be almost time for CES because LG is once again talking about TVs next year. In an article touting the Alpha processors that drive its different screens, it revealed that in 2019, its high-end OLED displays would include the Alpha 9 (α9 Gen 2), the A9 processor's sequel to the 39, last year. It mentioned a four-step noise reduction process and support for high definition video at 120 frames per second (HFR). The only problem? They listed the same features last year.

What really interests us is whether these new TVs will support the HDMI 2.1 standard. If this is the case, it would then be possible to enter a HFR video via HDMI – last year's devices could only do so via a USB key. Another important addition last year was the support of artificial intelligence, such as Google Assistant, and we will need to know if it also incorporates upgrades in new sets.


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