Liam Hemsworth's latest compliments on Miley Cyrus burst our hearts

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus

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We can not stop listening Liam Hemsworth to spring on his wife's head.

Less than two months after the wedding of the Hollywood star Miley Cyrus, fans still can not get tired of the new status of the couple as husband and wife.

Fortunately for fans of pop culture, the couple continues to give a glimpse of their special connection.

In preview Sunday TODAY & # 39; HUI with Willie GeistLiam is asked about his recent marriage. What comes next is more than a few sweet words about the singer "We Can not Stop".

"It was a really special day – it was pretty much just an immediate family," he said, supporting his new film Is not it romantic. "I feel very happy and truly fortunate to be with such a good person.We have lived so much together over the last ten years and so I have felt that the time has come. "

As for how the couple tries to keep their relationship relatively normal despite their status as a big list, Liam said that it was important to ignore the outside noise.

"We are just trying to keep everything private as much as possible," he said. "A lot of things we can not control, of course, but I do not think I buy what we say maybe from us."

Later, he joked, "I think I was falsified about 9,000 times before my real marriage."

Celebrating their first Valentine's Day as husband and wife last Thursday, the couple offered fans unpublished photos of their wedding day.

"Thank you for always being bent over to hug me … I promise you always meet in the middle on my little toes! I love you Valentine! @Liamhemsworth," Miley explained on Instagram. "My Valentine's day every day."

And before the end of the evening, the singer posted a message from NSFW to her husband on Twitter. She's just being Miley, you all! Not to be outdone, Liam went to Instagram on Friday morning to share an unforgettable joke.

"I came across this little gem," he writes. "I will never stop;)." And we are delighted that you do not do it!

Watch Liam's full interview this Sunday on NBC Sunday TODAY & # 39; HUI with Willie Geist. Check your local listings.

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