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Liberal billionaire calls Bernie Sanders "communist" and "disaster"

The naive media, Haim Saban, has not hesitated to criticize the presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Saban, along with his wife Cheryl, first declared that they liked all the Democratic candidates who run for president before correcting themselves.

"No, at least one, I do not really like Bernie Sanders, and you can write it down." "I'm not sure." He's a communist under the guise of a socialist. Billionaire is a crook, he calls us "the billionaire class. And he attacks us without distinction. "It's the class of billionaires, the bad guys." That's what the communists think. So, 22 are great. One is a disaster area, "he said.

The Sabans are the largest donors of the Democratic Party.

Saban also explained how much he liked being able to donate money to charities such as the Los Angeles Children's Hospital, the rape treatment center, Birthright Israel and friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

Sanders has built his political career by wanting to make sure that the 1% of wealthy Americans pay more taxes to fund government programs. When billionaire Tom Steyer entered the race on Tuesday, Sanders said he did not like the message sent.

"Well, you know, I've known Tom for a number of years and I personally love him, but I have to say as a person who in this campaign has received 2 million contributions – on average, I believe, 19 $ per person – I'm a little tired of seeing billionaires trying to buy political power, "said the Vermont Senator. "So, I like Tom well." "He's a good man." "He's a friend of mine, but I'm not a big fan of the billionaires who get involved in the political process." . "

Saban, who is also an Israeli citizen, has also criticized comments by New York representative Alexandros Ocasio-Cortez on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"So, here, she made a statement that is quite scary and convincing but that is misinformed.Why are not you going to study then make a statement?" He asked.

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