Life Cycle of Hepatitis B Virus

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This virology conference explains the life cycle of the hepatitis B virus and the liver diseases caused by the HepaDNA virus.



  1. bhut gussa aa ra h aaj aapka vidio dekhkr so re ho kya

  2. It has relaxed circular DNA .ccDNA develops once it enters hepatocytes nucleus

  3. pretty useful, I turned the video into speed 2.0 tho. thanks a lot!

  4. can you plz ask how to stop vrious growing ….

  5. got fed up when u just mentioned about RNA polymerase instead of DNA polymerase. Please give a valid and authentic answer to the viewers.

  6. is it DNA polymearse or RNA polymerase?

  7. thank you shomu da. Darun laglo

  8. dearest shomu, why didn't you mention the incompleteness of positive strand of DNA,
    thanks a lot for the tutorials

  9. Was actually helpful, I just died when he sneezed and the video went silent for like a minute – I assumed he was wiping his nose, hilarious! I'm just a bit unclear about the mechanism for the circularisation, like how does it actually occur.

  10. plz tell the reference of this video sir

  11. Watch at 1.5x speed. A simplified version of the process.

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  13. useless, you ARE COMFUSING THE FULL PROCESS, next time instead of this use a SIMPLE PAPER AND PEN to explain your topic.

  14. thank you for the very nice illustration, now i am ready to explain it to my friend in our group project 🙂