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Life expectancy in Houston: You may live longer in these neighborhoods

If you want to live a long time, you may want to settle in The Heights.

Researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center said they had calculated life expectancy for the first time up to the postal code and Texas county level.

A new interactive mapping tool allows users to see the average life expectancy of their region by sex and race / ethnicity.

The Westfield region (zip code 77073) tops the list of average life expectancy in Houston with 90.9 years for women and 88.7 years for men.

The Heights Zone (postal code 77007) also had a high life expectancy, according to research data, with 90.6 years for women and 88.1 years for men.

Outside Houston, towns like Sugar Land and Pecan Grove in Fort Bend County, Arcola in Brazoria County, and Beach City in Chambers County all had above-average life expectancy.

In Harris County, life expectancy at the county level was 78.9 years.

According to research, the life expectancy of Hispanics was three years longer than that of whites and almost six years higher than that of black Texans.

The study also revealed that white, Hispanic and black women had a longer life expectancy than men of all races throughout the state of Texas.

Learn more about the study of life expectancy in Texas, UT Southwestern, here.

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