Lifelines are the best teammates of 'Apex Legends', the Gibraltars are the worst

Measured according to the victory rate, the Wraiths are the best Apex Legends players, and caustics are the worst. Measured by popularity, Wraith is the most popular legend, while Gibraltar is the child who was chosen last. But who cares who is good and who is popular, the real question is who is a good teammate? Well, the only statistic that could enlighten us is the one that revives. And which character has the most revived on average? Safety rope. Who has the least. Gibraltar? is a website that follows Apex Legends statistics, but unfortunately, most of his stats do not show what legends make good teammates. Most players are normal and normal teammates. Nothing unforgettable. But from time to time, you will meet a player who will do everything possible to revive you without arms or armor. This teammate is goalkeeper. Then there is the teammate who passes alone on the other side of the map to Skull Town and Mozambique pings. They are stinky. That said, although does not have statistics on the return to the game, its track resumes. So without further ado, here are the legends ranked by percentage of revive, AKA how good a teammate their players tend to be.

  1. Life Line – .43 percentage
  2. Wraith – .32
  3. Mirage – .30
  4. Bangalore – 0.26
  5. Bloodhound – .26
  6. Pathfinder – .26
  7. Octane – 0.23
  8. Caustic – .14
  9. Gibby – .12

Of course, since Lifeline deploys a protective shield when it is reactivated, its percentage will be artificially high. It's a work of Lifeline to revive the players. However, it is always a selfless act. Meanwhile, if you are depressed and your two teammates are Caustic and Gibby, I kiss you to make you go back bye. It will not happen.

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