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Lighthizer dispute could affect China-China trade deal, says expert

While relations between US President Donald Trump and his trade representative Robert Lighthizer were proving tense, an expert worries that Trump is content with an agreement "insufficient" and "weak" with China.


Last week, Trump and Lighthizer quarreled with reporters – and Chinese officials led by Deputy Prime Minister Liu He – on whether the "memorandum of understanding" was the right expression to qualify the Agreed that the United States and China are negotiating.

Both parties would be developing six memoranda of understanding that would form the basis of a final agreement. But Trump objected to the use of this term, arguing that "they do not want to say anything". Lighthizer gave in after exchanges with his boss and chose to use a "commercial agreement" instead.

"I think the big question … is whether President Trump will overthrow Robert Lighthizer and accept an agreement that Lighthizer would consider insufficient, as weak." I sincerely hope that he will not do so because Robert Lighthizer was I'm very serious, "Ferguson told CNBC's" Closing Bell "channel on Wednesday.

"We saw the other day the president has the power to overthrow [Lighthizer]Even in the terminology of the agreement … Robert Lighthizer had to quickly drop this sentence and move to the Trumpian language as a "commercial agreement", "he added.

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