'Like Magic': Jee Young Han in the news of NBC Comedy Pilot

Jee Young Han (Station 19) was chosen to lead Like magic, The comedy driver at NBC's one-camera workplace Hypermarket the writers Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu, Forever co-creator Matt Hubbard, CannyLads Productions and Universal TV by Julie Anne Robinson, CannyLads and Hubbard headquarters.

Written by Kyle and Luu under Hubbard's supervision and led by Robinson, Like magic follows Holly (Han), an optimistic young woman pursuing her dreams in the mysterious world of Magic Palace. Holly is a bit nervous and awkward, but she is also so genuine and friendly that she can be charming.

Kyle and Luu are working with Robinson and Hubbard and Cannylads and Kelly Pancho, development manager.

Han recently returned to ABC Station 19. Previously, she had played a recurring role within Netflix. Santa Clarita Diet and was a regular in the ABC pilot series The mission last season. His credits also include Comedy Bang Bang and functionality Why him. It is revived by innovative artists.

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