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Lil Nas X creates "Old Town Road (Remix)" with Young Thug

And just like that, the latest version of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" is here. Today (July 11), the rapper downloads his remix of "Old Town Road", assisted by Young Thug, who has propelled Nas X to the rank of superstar.

The latest edition of this record-breaking single also features the viral sensation of teenager Mason Ramsey, also known as "The Walmart Yodeling Boy" for his widely circulated YouTube videos. The basis of the song remains the same. Thugger adds his own style to the track of the third verse.

"Maserati ridin ', had a V12 for my fiancee (Skrrt) / Foggy and rocky road, has a three-wheeler inside (Ayy)", Rhyme Thug "All I want, c & rsquo; Is taking a pill, catching a cold atmosphere / Genuine prince, I am more real than the real gift. "

Ramsey closes the march with new bars. "Ride into my RZR, get a thousand acres / Just on the cows where they pray so that it does not bother her out of my way," spits the kids.

The remix is ​​the one that has been teased since April. It's also something that marks the moment when Lil Nas X gets to work with one of his heroes. Talk with Time In March, the rapper paid tribute to Young Thug for helping a pioneering country get trapped.

"The song is a country trap. It's neither one nor the other. It's both. He should be at once [charts], "Nas X said of" Old Town Road "in the interview." I think that every time you try something new, you will always have a bad reception. "For example, when rap started or when rock and roll has started, but with the country trap, I do not want to take credit for that, and I think Young Thug would be one of the biggest pioneers in this field. "

Check out Lil Nas X and Thugger's "Old Town Road (Remix)" below.

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