Lionsgate Unveils Its Trailer 'Hellboy & # 39;


After teasing us this morning with a Midnight Red Band trailer for Hellboy, Lionsgate managed to revamp Big Red.

Two new posters have also been published for Big Red. They provide a detailed overview of David Harbor as the character of the title:

Just yesterday, we learned that the film would be rated R for "bloody and bloody violence, as well as for language".

David Harbor plays the role of Big Red, Milla Jovovich like Nimue the queen of blood, Ian McShane as director of the agency Trevor Brutteholm and adoptive father of Hellboy, Daniel Dae Kim as agent Ben Daimio BPRD, Thomas Haden Church like lobster Johnson, and Sarah Lane like Alice Monaghan, a woman who in the Big Red comics saved fairies as a child. Neil Marshall is the direction.

Hellboy in theaters April 12, 2019.

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