Live Updates: Amy Klobuchar Answers CNN's City Hall Questions


Senator Amy Klobuchar organized a meeting with the New Hampshirites this afternoon in Goffstown, about eight kilometers from Manchester, where she is scheduled to hold a city hall in just one hour.

"It's New Hampshire," she said with a smile, "anything could happen".

Klobuchar leaned in her campaign, going anywhere and everywhere, while she was trying to run as a candidate to win independent and moderate Republican voters.

She promised "to go everywhere, not just where it is comfortable, but also when it is uncomfortable" and presented a platform that included overthrowing Citizens United, restoring the law on the right to vote, adhering to the Paris Climate Agreement and engage in the path of a public option. for health care.

Klobuchar did not support Medicare for All – she does not support the plan – and was eager to do so while she was working in the room after her speech.

"We need a public option and this reduces costs so that we can reach the point where we have universal health care," Klobuchar said at the event.

She supported allowing Americans to purchase prescription drugs from Canada and expand Medicare and Medicaid.

"And that's why pharmaceutical companies believe they own Washington, do not they? And they have a lot of people, but they do not own me, "she said repeating a sentence in her announcement.

She also spoke at length about climate change and her vision.

"The first day, we will come back to the international agreement on climate change. And in the first 100 days, we will restore the rules of the clean energy issue proposed by the Obama administration, "she said. "We will tackle this problem, we can not wait."

A notable momentKlobuchar became emotional when she spoke of her father's alcohol addiction, which was made public during Brett Kavanaugh's hearings.

"This is personal to me, as you probably have heard at Kavanaugh hearings. I strongly believe that drug addicts receive treatment, including my own father. And I, literally, it was a journalist, I saw him climb the highest mountain but sink into the lower valleys because of the addiction and I also saw how, in his words "He was pursued by grace" when he had received the treatment he needed after three conduct violations and this changed his life. And now, at 90, he is very sober, "she said.

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