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4 min ago

Sanders says he will publish "soon" his 10 years of tax return

Senator Bernie Sanders has promised to publish 10 years of his tax returns, along with his 2020 Democrat candidate, Elizabeth Warren.

However, he has not given a timetable for the moment when he could release them.

"Soon," he told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Then he added, "These are very boring tax returns."

2 min ago

Sanders: "Damn," I'm going to make big business pay "their fair share" of taxes

A student from Howard University has just asked Senator Bernie Sanders how he plans to pay for his ambitious social programs.

Sanders said it would require rich businesses to pay their "fair share" of taxes to fund programs such as the one offered by Medicare.

"Health care is a right, providing our children with higher education is a right … it will cost money," he said.

"Am I going to demand that the rich and the big corporations start paying their fair share of tax? I'll do it."
15 min ago

Sanders pledges to support the Democratic candidate – no matter who it is

Senator Bernie Sanders said that President Trump "must be defeated" in 2020, adding that he hoped that all Democratic voters would support the proposed candidate.

"I'm certainly committed to doing it," Sanders said. "Trump must be defeated."

He said that President Trump was trying to divide the American people.

27 min ago

We are minutes from CNN town hall with Bernie Sanders

CNN City Hall with Bernie Sanders is scheduled to start in just 5 minutes. The Vermont senator will answer questions from voters at 8 pm AND.

Here's a look inside the room:

30 min ago

Sanders raised $ 10 million from more than 350,000 people

From Greg Krieg and Ryan Nobles

Bernie Sanders raised $ 10 million from 359,914 donors, said a spokesman for the Sanders campaign. This equates to an average donation of just over $ 27 per person.

The campaign also indicated that 39% of donors came from new emails that were not used before by the campaign.

This has been reported for the first time by The New York Times.

34 min ago

He wants Sanders to describe how 2020 will be different from 2016

Gordon Fletcher, a member of Ward 5's committee at DC and a professor of criminal justice and public policy at the American University, said he hoped to know how Bernie Sanders was planning to make his 2020 campaign different from his last campaign.

"Why does he think his message is the message of the American people?", He told CNN.

There is one thing he's particularly looking for in the Sanders platform:

"That's going to ensure that DC will become the 51st state."
40 min ago

They met to campaign for Sanders in 2016

Three friends who worked on Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign are here tonight for the town hall.

Monica Thomas and Chris Fury, both from Roanoke, Va., And Nancy Frowert, Richmond, were all delegates in 2016.

"Bernie has brought incredible energy to the democratic establishment in Virginia," Frowert told CNN.
47 min ago

She wants Sanders to explain democratic socialism to her parents' generation

Adriana Perez, 19, studies law and society at the American University. She said she was half Cuban and would like to know how Bernie Sanders "will deconstruct the word" democratic socialism "- and especially how he defines it for an older generation.

Perez said his parents do not agree with the phrase "democratic socialism" because they associate him with Cuba and Venezuela.

She hopes tonight Sanders will explain what these words mean in the political climate and "especially how he will campaign for democratic socialism"

"It is very important for the older generation to know the meaning of democratic socialism," she said.
48 min ago

CNN's Wolf Blitzer is ready for tonight's town hall

CNN's Wolf Blitzer will host tonight's discussion with Bernie Sanders. He will ask the questions of the voters of the Vermont senator from 8 pm AND.

Watch more Blitzer:

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