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Live Updates: Cohen's Testimonial – CNNPolitics

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Michael Cohen denied ever being in Prague and the Czech Republic despite an explosive statement made at the infamous record of Russia.

The file contains allegations against several Trump campaigners and associates of having secret contacts with Russians during the campaign. The case also states that Cohen secretly met with Russian officials in Prague to coordinate the Kremlin's interventions in the election and to limit the damage if the alleged collusion was exposed or if Clinton won.

Asked about Prague, here's what Cohen said today:

Representative Ralph Norman: Have you ever been to Prague?

Cohen: I have never been to Prague.

Norman: Never had?

Cohen: I have never been to the Czech Republic

A little background: Last year, Cohen's lawyer at the time told the House Intelligence Committee that his client "has never been to Prague, the Czech Republic, as evidenced by his US passport "and that Cohen" did not participate in any meeting with officials of the Kremlin Prague in August 2016. "

Cohen repeated his denials of coverage.

He cooperated with the special advocate Robert Mueller, and prosecutors said in a document filed in court that he had provided "useful information regarding some separate issues related to Russia that are at the heart of his investigation". Cohen says that he shared "everything" with Mueller and that Prague's claims are false.

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