Live Updates: Elizabeth Warren CNN Town Hall


Senator Deocratic Elizabeth Warren was questioned tonight over her long-standing claims that she would have a Native American heritage, especially if she was "dumb and revealing of presidential tactlessness".

Warren replied that she had grown up in Oklahoma and that she had "learned my family from my family".

"On that basis," says Warren, "it's who I am."

She then added that she had gone to nearly three dozen town halls – and people to whom she spoke more attentively, she suggested, "about what happens every day in their lives and on what affects them like housing, education and health care.

Sh "e added:" That's why I'm in this fight and I'm going to stay in this fight and I'm going to tell you that. I will fight him from the heart at every moment. I'll do my best."

About these heritage claims: His claims tainted his political career and fueled President Trump's attacks. His use of DNA tests to confirm his limited indigenous roots last year has been strongly criticized by some Native American groups.

Before Warren announced her candidacy for the presidency in January, she had also been weighed down by new questions about her earlier claims about Native heritage. The Washington Post reported that Warren had written in 1986 that his race was "Native American" on a Texas state bar registration card, which was in addition to the list of cases in which the senator self-identified this way.

The disclosure resulted in another public excuse from Warren.

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