Live Updates: Launch of Samsung Galaxy S10

Innovation in smartphones is down – but Samsung will probably take bold steps today to position itself as an innovator. After all, Galaxy sales have declined largely because its S9 models are just not so different from those of its successful S8 products.

If Samsung deploys a compatible 5G smartphone, it will be a huge step forward to advance the 5G sector. Of course, the infrastructure does not fully support 5G devices for the moment. The availability of the network is limited to parts of the United States, China and South Korea. But it will be extremely important for operators to have a big brand like Samsung with a 5G device to revive the market.

Meanwhile, Samsung foldable smartphone rumor that turns into a tablet should attract consumers who flock to large screens, whether to play or to see more data in one place. Samsung has already proven its interest in large-screen smartphones with the success of its Galaxy Note range.

But a foldable phone will probably be very expensive and will only seduce the real addicts of technology. In addition, Samsung will need developers to configure applications to support foldable phones.

In the end, what people want most at the end of the day is a battery and a camera best smartphone. Samsung will probably deliver on these items too.

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