Logitech resurrects its classic MX518 gaming mouse

About the only changes on the outside are materials "updated" with a new finish. Inside, that's another story: you'll now find Logitech's flagship 16,000 PDI Hero sensor and a 32-bit ARM processor that promises a report rate of 1 ms. The built-in memory, meanwhile, allows you to save custom eight-button layouts on the device so you can switch PCs without losing your control links.

The MX518 G is available for pre-order priced at $ 60, making it a reasonable option, whether you are nostalgic or not from the game of the 00 era. About the only complaint is that it's a good thing. he is still wired. This makes sense considering its roots and the possible effects of wireless (a battery could weigh down and spoil the sensation), but it is worth taking into account the fact of getting a thrifty gaming mouse but without cord for a similar price.

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