Look Maggie, I'm walking Maggie! | Viral video on Twitter

The nicest child on Twitter!

Roman Dinkel was born with Spina Bifida, but attacks life with contagious enthusiasm that inspires hearts around the world. The parents of Roman, Whitney and Adam Dinkel, discovered that their son had a congenital abnormality on ultrasound of 20 weeks. Read more:
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Source: Twitter / Andrecrosdale

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  1. Not sure how you can smile and cry at the same time, but this little angel's videos do it to me every time

  2. I see 3 people down voted this…like what in the actual f is wrong with those people


  4. he will be a super strong man … cause he is a super strong boy now…

  5. This kid better be treated with the most fucking love in the world. And he better NOT be looked at differently. Today's kids are unhappy because they don't have a new gaming system or the newest phone. This adorable child is simply happy bc he can walk. I wish this kid the best of luck and I hope to god one day… one day he'll be able to walk on his own.

  6. I’ve been balling my eyes for the last ten minutes cuz of this video

  7. If Maggie doesn't turn her ass, I swear…

  8. This just Blessed my heart ??❤️

  9. i nearly cried when i watched this

  10. He just warms my hart and he is cute and his voice is cute and he is just amazing ??????????

  11. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Oh my heart!!!!