Look up to the night sky for the last super moon of 2019

Wednesday evening, with the spring equinox, take a look at the night sky to feast.

The moon is moving into the final phase and, to top it off, this is the third and last super-moon of 2019, according to the almanac of The Old Farmer's – and it's also the full moon.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to the Earth and often appears much brighter.

But with the rain here in Sonoma County, it can be hard to appreciate the phenomenon. However, the clouds are expected to dissipate enough tonight towards sunset – around 6:43 pm – where the luminous giant may be visible.

But what is a moonworm? The names may seem odd (remember the wolf of the super-wolf of January?) According to the farmer's almanac, these names are related to folklore. Native American names and other traditional names were used to follow the seasons.

In March, the harsh winter begins to recede and the "soil begins to soften sufficiently for earthworms to reappear". This invites all the beautiful elements that we associate with spring – flowers, birds, and so on – as well as the worm of the moon.

The last time the full moon and the spring equinox coincided so closely, it was in 2000, but the last time that they occurred on the same date was in 1981.

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