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Looks like Melvin Gordon will be the next star to return to Purgatory

Photo: Sean M. Haffey (Getty)

According to ESPN, Chargers running back Melvin Gordon does not plan to travel to Los Angeles Chargers training camp without a new contract. Gordon, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract, has informed the team that he would like to be traded if a new deal could not be reached.

Gordon is expected to hit $ 5.6 million this year and has just finished his second season in professional mode. Last year, he totaled 5.1 yards per run, caught the ball 50 times for 490 yards and scored 14 touchdowns in 12 games. This is one of the main drivers of the powerful Chargers offensive.

A 26-year-old who has just finished a good season and is entering the final year of his current contract is well suited for a hold-up, but these things are always risky when it comes to reversing. Gordon is now on the same path as Le'Veon Bell's defenders Todd Gurley and David Johnson. The results of these three attempts are mixed: Johnson has secured a $ 31 million guarantee after a relatively easy stalemate, Gurley has been awarded a $ 45 million contract and has redeveloped the halves market, and Bell has won $ 45 million. collapsed during an entire season in exile escape the Jets.

The Steelers got along well after placing James Conner in Bell's starting position. Johnson could do nothing to resurrect the dead and depressing Cardinals attack last season. None of these developments is good news for Gordon.

Ironically, the most disturbing contract of recent results obtained by Gordon could be Gurley's contract. Gurley got his money because he was considered the best consensus by returning to the league. Although he seemed to be worth every penny in the regular season, his loss in the Rams playoff race was worrying. This disappearance was probably due to a mysterious knee injury, which would apparently have an "arthritic component".

It's quite possible that Gurley's knee problem is getting worse, and the Rams may be feeling remorse from some buyers. This possibility, combined with the fact that good teams continue to succeed without having to reverse the situation, is certainly something that will be of concern to the Chargers when it decides whether it pays to pay Gordon and end his commitment. I wish Gordon good luck, because he will probably need it.

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