Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, dropped by Sephora


Lori Loughlin

Sephora drops her daughter Olivia

… Following the college admissions scandal

14/03/2019 11:18 AM PDT

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12h08 PT – Olivia's page with the Princess Polly clothing brand is no longer active … we contacted the company to find out if the line had been completely set aside, but no word has been sent back. Lori Loughlinthe alleged cheating already costs her daughter, Olivia Jade – Because Sephora just hit the kid against the sidewalk following the scandal of admissions to the university.

A honcho for Sephora – who had a partnership with Olivia – told TMZ: "After a careful review of recent developments, we decided to immediately end the partnership between Sephora Collection and Olivia Jade".

Olivia has established a makeup partnership with the cosmetics chain that produced the Olivia Jade x Sephora palette. This page on Sephora's website was 86 & # 39; d.

The youngest daughter of Lori has caught the brunt of backlash since leaving mom and dad were charged for allegedly paying bribes to bring their children to USC.

TMZ broke the story … Olivia was on Rick CarusoThe Bahamas yacht with her daughter when the indictment was announced … Caruso – the chairman of the board of directors of the USC – tells us that Olivia did not Is more on his yachtand has since returned home.

USC has not yet decided the fate of Olivia.

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