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While Lori Loughlin is now back home after being released from prison in December, her husband Mossimo Giannulli is struggling to adjust to life behind bars. Since a judge concluded that Giannulli played a bigger role in the college admissions scandal than Loughlin, he has faced more serious consequences. He denounced his 5-month sentence in November but two months later, the creator is already begging a judge to release him and allow him to finish his stay at home, according to an emergency petition filed this week.

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Giannulli spent eight weeks in solitary confinement and his son, Gianni Giannulli, had previously expressed concerns about his father’s mental health. In a private Instagram post shared by ABC News, Gianni revealed that his father had been locked in solitary confinement and held in a medium security prison instead of the minimum security prison his family had promised upon his conviction. In addition, Gianni claimed that his father was “only released every 3 days for a few moments to shower”.

Page six obtained the court documents filed by Mossimo’s lawyers, which said: “Mr. Giannulli was immediately placed in solitary confinement in a small cell in the adjacent medium security penitentiary, 24 hours a day with only three short 20 minute breaks a week, where he remained 56 days before being finally transferred to camp yesterday. .

Quarantine on arrival was planned due to the pandemic and was initially intended as a precautionary method; however, after completing the prison’s mandatory COVID-19 quarantine, Giannulli was never moved from detention – that is, until yesterday. Giannulli’s lawyers argued that Giannulli had tested negative for COVID-19 on several occasions and that his continued isolation was “far more extreme than what the court recommended.”

Documents obtained by the publication continued to describe the plan proposed by Giannulli and his lawyers to be released from his time in prison and complete his sentence at home. “He has a stable family environment – which he will go to directly and immediately upon release – with resources that will allow him to safely quarantine himself and stay at home for the remainder of his sentence,” they said. written.

It’s unclear whether or not the court will grant Giannulli permission to return home, but we believe it’s a fight Giannulli won’t give up.

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