Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay congratulates the New England Patriots on their performance at the Super Bowl LIII, notes that he can learn from the experience


INDIANAPOLIS – The Super Bowl LIII is probably a night that Sean McVay would like to forget.

The McVay Rams fell to the Patriots, 13-3 and the three points were the least numerous in the history of the Super Bowl. It was even more disappointing to consider that they were the # 2 ranked offense in the regular season.

On Thursday at the NFL meeting, the young coach congratulated the Patriots.

"Really, I think they did such a good job, that is, they played a charged front-end structure, which we expected," McVay said. "And they went with really, [in] the first downs, plus a downward principle where they played in quarters structures, a bit similar to what Chicago had a bit of success. But Chicago mixed that up and did other things. [The Patriots] stayed in these areas only very early and unfortunately, and unfortunately we never really paid for them.

"And this is a great opportunity for you, # 1 as a coach, to look inward and say," How can we use these opportunities as learning opportunities to ensure that if these things come up in the future, put our players in a position where they are better prepared to run on the fly and adapt? "

McVay also noted several things from the AFC championship against the Chiefs, as well as the division's win against the Chargers.

"They were playing mostly more masculine principles against teams like the Kansas City Chargers in the playoffs, and they played a slightly different structure," he said. "Basically, against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship, it was only until the 22nd or 23rd Snap that you saw an area. They doubled Tyreek Hill most of the time to the north and south, where they always had some on top, and then they put their good pairings with whom they felt grounded, whether it was [Travis] Kelce or Sammy Watkins – [Stephon] Gilmore traveled with him. So they did a great job and that's what makes them great coaches. You must take your hat off to these guys. "

That said, McVay will take advantage of all the experience and learn from it. After all, he is only 33 years old.

"Absolutely, I think every week offers a learning opportunity, good or bad," said McVay, "The Super Bowl has been a great experience, and I think every time you navigate in a preparation of When you look back, you say, "Okay, it worked, that was not the case." This largely involves the coaches' reactions and the players, if you're lucky enough to participate in this situation again, so I've certainly learned a lot.

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