Cardi B has built a reputation of being one of the most carefree celebrities of recent years. While valuing her private life, she leaves enough for fans to come close and join a safety net when serious problems arise. Kulture has been kept from the world until now, unveiled on Offset Father of 4 cover of the album. However, to announce her divorce, she prefers to use Instagram videos as media. Bardi is not filtered. In New York fashion, she does not care what comes out of her mouth, constantly inventing catchy new slogans or reorienting existing jingles as she did today.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

While she was teasing the next video of "Please Me" with Bruno Mars, Cardi B sank into her finest lingerie, lying on the couch to make an announcement to her millions of fans . "What's good, motherfucker," exclaimed the rapper. She then reminded the masses that this morning her latest music video will be available around the world. She concluded by reinventing the Popeyes jingle while thinking about her husband. "I love this offset dick," Cardi sang before sneering maniacally.

The new video should arrive in a minute, scheduled for 10 am. Are you eager to see what kind of crazy antics she pulls this time?