Lovely Moment Oyo Governor & First Lady Met Taju In Viral Video

The wife of the governor of Oyo State, Dr. Florence Ajimobi, met today the little boy, Tajudeen Ibrahim Agbabiaka, who was heading towards social media there a few days ago.

It can be recalled that Taju was recorded in an instagram video, where he was asked questions in English and that he could not answer because he could not converse in the language.

The state government of Oyo has taken responsibility and custody of the child through the state government's child protection unit.




  2. This Governor has no shame. Taju is not the only 5 year old in Oyo state who has no access to education. There are millions of vhildren in the state whose lives have been mortgaged for these Governors greed and wickedness.

  3. Eyaa,Through this little boy,hope has been restored to their family….

  4. What happened to the boy

  5. This is not ok. Give that boy back to his Parents . if you want to help him you can help him with out kidnapping him

  6. One more thing I think all the celebrities should keep eyes on the boy and not leave him thinking governor will do it all . He shouldn't be treated like a begger he should rather be nurtured like a special child because politics could have effect on the child's life

  7. The govt in Nigerian is horrible they do not help the people at all God will get govt

  8. You want people to know that you care for citizens na lies Mr ajimobi I know everything about you stupid man I don't why Ibadan savers you twice because something like never happen but now everything about you is end we have beautiful schools in Ibadan but will don't have money to go and you Promise us everything before will vote for you but now you turn all citizens to fools without nothing good for the state…..

  9. Please you people should try and help those that did not have a hope of help???. Now he's somebody everybody wants to see him when he's nobody. nobody knows a talented child like that is out there. please if you people have you people should give and care for those that did not have anything to offer. He's now somebody everybody is shouting Taju Taju when he's nobody, nobody knows him ooo please we should help and stop been in greedy. NOBODY IS A LATE COMER IN SUCCESS JUST WORK HARD AND HOPE SOMEDAY YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. ONE LOVE❤

  10. Tajudeen is more blessed than those fake,skin bleaching,fools and blind leaders in nigeria.

  11. This is a publicity stunt. As one person mentioned on this platform. All children in Oyo State nay Nigeria need proper education not only Taju. If people think this is news it is not to me. Let the government face the act of governance and stop this cheap publicity

  12. I don’t get this publicity , shame on the governor and government of Nigeria as a whole… How many Taju do we have languishing in there poverty homes and villages all over Nigeria. This is Taju basic human right Education welfare as a citizen of Nigeria. Sir and Madame stop showing off we all are not Mumu.

  13. The govt should responsibility on every child in their states not just one.child,public schools are in mess,our govt have no shame

  14. They should be ashamed cos they have failed us a lot of children are in taju shoe God dey

  15. Here comes the new discovery of future celebrity. God will be with this Taju you shall become unstoppable and your glory will shine and be unlimited . looking forward to see him at the top ijn and nobody should dare call him oloriburuku henceforth

  16. Pple are alrrady taking care of him. Go look 4 oda kids in ur state who cant be sponsored 2 sch also.

  17. This is how u know actually that the government has really failed in governance there are millions of children that is not able to go to school because of the bad policy the ppl in power put in place every children in Nigeria deserves the same way ppl in power care for their children but they will not do it,i for one i will not praise the governor and his wife because they have fail in making proper use of the money given to them to provide good life for the Nigeria children.

  18. You will rise above limitations n failures In Jesus name Amen!!!!!!!!

  19. congratulations dear wish u best of luk