Kohl's PS5 PlayStation 5 1

The internet exploded earlier today after Kohl’s PlayStation 5 consoles went on sale unexpectedly. The U.S. retailer was whipping up Sony’s next-gen console in bundles alongside an additional DualSense controller and a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man superhero: Miles Morales for $ 639.99. Sadly, it looks like he’s passed his PS5 action allocation.

Thousands of people have purchased a system from the store, but some of those orders are now canceled. There are reports all over Kohl’s web contacting consumers, telling them the item is no longer available. For example, it happened to this person on Reddit:

And an identical email was shared by this user on Twitter:

The good news is that if you are eligible for Kohl’s Cash, you will be able to keep any credit you made on that order, whether or not it is canceled. Nevertheless, the hunt for PS5 stock rumbles for many – let’s hope Sony can stick to its word and ship more systems soon, eh?

[source reddit.com, via twitter.com]