Lucy Lawless condemns former costar Kevin Sorbo’s comments


Photo credit: Jason Mendez / Getty Images

No one is safe from Xena, the Warrior Princess demolitions, even her former co-stars. XenaLucy Lawless took HerculesKevin Sorbo took to the task on Twitter yesterday after Sorbo tweeted baseless right-wing conspiracy theories about Wednesday’s Capitol Riot. Sorbo quotes-tweeted a claim that the riot was caused by “leftist agitators,” adding, “They don’t look like patriots to me.” Lawless replied, “No, Peanut. They are not patriots. These are your flying monkeys, local terrorists, QAnon actors. These are the assholes who go out and do the wrong things of people like you who like to coil them up like toys and let them do their worst. She concluded her extremely effective exit with the evergreen hashtags, “#keepingYourFilthyHandsclean” and “#enabler”. Sorbo did not respond to Lawless ‘response, possibly because he was stunned by Lawless’ use of the word “peanut”.

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