Luke Walton will be fine, but as far as the Lakers are concerned … Yeesh! – Athletics

You know you have a problem when you make the Sacramento Kings look like stability models.

Luke Walton will be fine. He is apparently the first target of a Kings team that has just celebrated its best season in 13 years by dismissing his head coach. Good for Luke. If he gets the job, he will prosper there. It will be awarded to a young and exciting team that is targeting the playoffs next season.

Or, basically, what he had with the Lakers before LeBron James International uprooted his operations to settle at the corner of Figueroa and Chick Hearn Court.

It certainly tells you all that Walton was ready to leave, while Sacramento ended up with his dream job, as his coaching position came out for the oh, for the 723rd time in twelve seasons.

It's funny to find that pulling the rug under your last seven games of the season and becoming a scapegoat can affect your vision of life.

Make no mistake, the Lakers have gone from …

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