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Lunar Eclipse 2019 in India: How to Look at the Partial Eclipse in India Today | Science | New

An eclipse of the moon will dazzle the spectators of the sky across India when it culminates tonight between Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17. The lunar show, in a rather incredible way, also appears on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the launch of NASA Apollo 11. And the eclipse will arrive later today, just two weeks after the launch. Solar eclipse of July 2, which saw the Sun disappear over South America. Read below to find out how to watch the partial lunar eclipse in India tonight.

When will the lunar eclipse be visible on India?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned in a straight line.

When this occurs, the Moon crosses the darkest shadow or shadow of the Earth.

Tomorrow, however, the Moon will only partially traverse the shadow, which will result in a partial eclipse.

From beginning to end, the eclipse will last more than five hours.

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But the partial eclipse itself is expected to peak over India early in the morning of Wednesday, July 17th.

According to the NASA space agency, the eclipse will culminate at 3 am, India standard time (22:30 BST or 21:30 UTC).

Seen from Delhi, the eclipse of the penumbra will begin at 12:13 UTC.

The penumbral eclipse occurs in the lowest shadow of the Earth and is usually not visible to the naked eye.

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The partial eclipse will then begin around 1:31 am EST and culminate at 3 am IST.

After that, the Moon will slowly leave the shadows of the Earth until the eclipse ends around 4:29 am, Eastern time.

Then, around 5:42 am EST, the Moon will disappear below the horizon.

As a result, the very last stage of the penile eclipse will not be visible from India.

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How to look at the lunar eclipse tonight?

You can watch the show of astronomy tonight via a livestream organized by TimeAndDate.com.

The flow will follow the incredible eclipse of Šibenik, Croatia.

The stream will also include live footage of the eclipsed moon of Perth, Australia, and the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London, UK.

The website said: "View breathtaking live images of the partial lunar eclipse telescope from 18:30 UTC on 16 and 17 July 2019."

Tune in the live stream from 12:00 pm, Eastern Time or 7:30 pm Paris time tonight.

How to see the partial lunar eclipse tomorrow?

Unlike an eclipse of the sun, lunar eclipses can be observed to the naked eye safely.

Astronomical site Space-India.com explained: "The best part is that you do not need any equipment to observe it, just look at our beloved Luna.

"So this time, stay tuned for the greatest pleasure of the month ahead.

"Get out of the spur, gather your dear ones, sit back and enjoy the partial moon blood show."

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