Lyft will offer pilots a one-time cash bonus of up to $ 10,000 – TechCrunch


Hard drivers, rejoice! As part of Lyft Initial public offering, the transport company decides to reward the drivers who constitute the essential of the basic service of the company. The program will award a maximum cash bonus of $ 10,000 to drivers "in good standing" who have completed at least 20,000 races by February 25, 2019.

At the bottom of the fork, Lyft will award drivers who made at least 10,000 outings as of February 25, 2019 a one-time cash bonus of $ 1,000. In addition, Lyft will reward a cash bonus of US $ 1,000 for drivers who are current or have previously served on the company's driver advisory board. All these drivers must be in good standing.

Eligible drivers can expect to be paid on or around March 19, 2019. They can then buy shares of the Lyft Directed Stock Program or simply pocket the money. It is to them.

Uber should also offer drivers a similar bonus, but the company declined to comment.

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