Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Mark Meadows clashed at the hearing of Michael Cohen after condemning "someone" who used a black woman as "accessory" in the room.

WASHINGTON – The African-American woman who, according to Democrats, was used as an "accessory" at a hearing in the House last Wednesday defends her appearance and reprimands her critics.

Rep. Mark Meadows, CR-N., Invited Lynne Patton, Manager of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to attend the House of Representatives' House Watch and Reform Committee's hearing. former president Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen. Meadows referred to Patton – a long-time Trump associate who was sitting behind the congressman at the hearing – while challenging Cohen's assertion that Trump was a racist.

Representative Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, had a lively exchange with Meadows when she said that using Patton as an "accessory" policy was "racism in itself".

"It's not because someone has a person of color, a black person who works for her, that she's not racist," Tlaib said.

"What I would like to ask the Michigan congresswoman is that you know why she is speaking out of self-confessed perjury, and that a white man sentenced to criminal, compared to a highly educated black woman, has climbed the ladder of one of the most competitive real estate companies, has spoken to the Republican National Convention in front of 25 million people and is now working in the 39, one of the most historic administrations in history? "Patton told Fox News on Thursday.

"It's more racist than being presented as an" accessory ", she added.

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Patton stated that she did not agree with Cohen's allegation that the president would be racist.

"I have already said, I repeat, the president sees no color, no race, no creed, no religion, what he sees, it is the success and the l '. failure, "she told the hosts of" Fox & Friends ".

"Trump has done so much time for the black community and I'm proud to be a part of it," she said.

The facilitators pointed out that Tlaib had apologized for any implication that Meadows would be racist, although on Thursday she maintained her claim that "the act" of using Patton was racist.

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"Well, she did not apologize," Patton said. "I think she apologized to Congressman Mark Meadows for hinting that he was racist, which is also laughable."

Patton also responded to Tlaib's critics in a statement Wednesday, saying that she did not have "the resume of an accessory."

"Today, a race card has been played, but not by Congressman Mark Meadows," she said.

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