Machado excited after beating his first circuit with a 4-1 victory


A visiting broadcaster had dubbed it "the bush league". He had collected five singles and one RBI ground opportunity in his first 27 appearances on the plate. Apart from the secondary cast that the team wins its first wins and a handful of defensive gems, the first week of Manny Machado in San Diego has given little information to tell.

At least, it's not comparable to introducing a person to Philadelphia.

A noisy swing on Wednesday afternoon changed the script.

The Padres' $ 300-million player eliminated Matt Andriese's 0-2 fastball in the left-lane of the game in the seventh inning, earning him a 4-1 win over the Diamondbacks, a homestand to the opening of season 4-3 and a souvenir to keep while Machado enters the next stage of his career.

His 176th homer of career was coming.

Better at least get her in front of a new crowd from her hometown – announced Wednesday at $ 19,376 – than on the road over the next 10 days.

"It does not matter," said Machado. "I have a few, so I'm already a little used to it. The first, new ball club, is the second part of my career. It's exciting to get it here. It was great to have it at home, that's for sure.

He certainly did not leave much time to admire it.

After taking a quick shot for a shot and blocked a slider, Machado was treated to a quick 92-mph shot inside the plate. The ensuing explosion resulted in a 21-degree 106 mph line and left the brick facade of the Western Metal Supply Co. building.

Machado took a few steps towards the first goal with his follow-up still focused on the left field and started his first jog around the bases as Padre.

Ian Kinsler, who was applauding and had chosen one to start the rally, was waiting for him on the plate. A parade of high-five escorted him to the dugout, where he allowed himself a little dance to celebrate with Franmil Reyes.

Machado is on the board.

Moreover, her new team is certain, she is on her way.

"It was good, we needed these assurances," said Andy Green, director of the Padres. "… we knew Manny, we knew it was going to happen, but before we left on the road, it was are probably very happy to have it here.

"We are happy that everything is settled now and we will start counting from now on. It's going to be a big part of everything we do here. "

Hear Manny Machado after hitting his first run at the Padres; In addition, Eric Hosmer and Franmil Reyes play in the 4-3 homestand.

Even before the home run, it may already be the case.

Machado started the fourth inning and started a new rally in which Eric Hosmer's free pass on the bases opened a 2-0 lead.

In addition to beating a double-play ball for his first RBI, Machado's biggest contribution to the offense was to protect the two-hole hitter. The Padres strike directly in front of him – Wil Myers against the southpaw, as was the case against Robbie Ray (5 1/3 IP, 2 ER) Wednesday, and Hosmer against the right arm – are 12-12 against a circuit , three doubles, five RBIs and two walks to start the season.

"It's definitely a benefit when Manny is behind you," said Hosmer. "I think, especially when you start counting the batters, you know they're coming into the area with something, they do not want to walk around to see it, so I do not think it's a Coincidence. "

Left-handed Joey Lucchesi won for the second time in as many starts, eliminating six goals while extending his series of goals without scoring up to 10 1/3 innings to start the year. He scattered four hits and a walk and won the title when striker Francisco Mejia doubled in one inning at the end of the fifth inning.

Right-handed Craig Stammen scored two shots on goal, Trey Wingenter scored an eighth perfect and Kirby Yates put an end to Arizona's hopes of returning after allocating a double-doubling of the Padres' lead to 4 -1 Louis wins on a note after Arizona has won the first two games of the series.

"It's great," said Machado, who hits for .240 in his first week as Padre. "The guys bring energy, we win games. The mentality is different here. So it's good, especially to play in front of the first series at home. They bring energy as much as we do.

"It was an incredible family home. Hope we can carry this on the road. "

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