Maestro Teaser: Blind Man’s Bluff


Thrillers have a special place for audiences, and the spooky moments on screen give them a siege experience. The Andhadhun remake caused quite a stir. Nithiin steps into the shoes of Ayushmann Khurrana for the Telugu remake titled Maestro. The first preview of the film that has been released is now having a strong impact.

How disturbing when a pleasant-sounding environment becomes abrasive on the impulse of a moment. Maestro’s first glimpse sets two different tones in no time. It starts with Nithiin showcasing his musical talents on a piano. The good humor turns into a thriller with Nithiin dipping her face in the water.

The best part is Nithiin’s facial expressions in the second sequence when he dips his face into the water. There is authenticity in the scene because he acts perfectly like a blind man.

Mahati Swara Sagar wins brownie points for her bottom score. It’s a great variation from scene to scene. J Yuvaraj’s camera work is another positive aspect of the film, lavishly done on the Sreshth Movies banner.

The Merlapaka Gandhi-directed film starring Nabha Natesh and Tamannaah in female roles will hit theaters on June 11.

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