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Maintenance costs of the model 3 Tesla … Toyota goes to Tesla … VE advertising vehicles VW! – TopCleanTechnica Top 20


Published on June 15, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

June 15, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

Again, before sharing the 20 most popular CleanTechnica With the articles of the past week, I am going to force you to read my personal favorites in our exclusive / original pool. (Of course, if you're smart, you can just scroll through my favorites.)

Starting at the end of the week and backwards, I must recommend my 5-year ownership cost comparisons between the Tesla Model 3 and the Honda Civic.

As always, I like the sales reports of electric vehicles and the Dutch market is about as interesting as possible.

The in-depth comparison of Kyle Field between a Tesla solar roof (what he and his wife are getting) and other roof + solar options is fascinating and very useful, IMHO. This one is a "piece to read absolutely".

At the top of the week in terms of points of view, Paul Fosse's dive into the maintenance costs of the Tesla Model 3 over 5 years deserves his pole position. Again, this one is a must read, IMHO.

Cynthia's (my mother) field report on the new 50 megawatt solar park at Walt Disney World is interesting and inspiring. I was surprised to discover that the solar park primarily feeds two Disney theme parks. I was also surprised to read about bees and flowers.

Photo of Cynthia Shahan / CleanTechnica

Charles Thurston touched on the interesting topic of Trina Solar half-frame solar panel tests to achieve a 2% cost reduction. (If you're not aware, Trina is the world's leading producer of solar panels.)

Even after laughing at the picture, writing about it, smiling many times, as soon as I look at this picture "Tesla's request," I smile again. I've spent time trying to add a bunch of useful context, too.

Our report on several "11 years of Tesla's death" events was perhaps my favorite piece, partly because of the wonderful, interesting and inspiring events people told us (+ great photos!) And partly because that this includes my last EV presentation – in Curaçao at the launch of the country's official EV association.

Images via Megan Gale (the first two), Brian Kopp (the next two) and me / CleanTechnica (the last).

Chanan Bos has created a beautiful graph of Tesla analyst price targets for Tesla [TSLA]. This is a superb illustration and discussion of the anomaly of Tesla's analysis and stock price forecasts.

Mike Barnard presented some fun facts and Chanan Bos illustrated them to put the scale of an average wind turbine into perspective.

And wrap this group of my favorite CleanTechnica Exclusive and original, I still find it amazing that Tesla already sells more vehicles every quarter than Porsche or Jaguar.

  1. Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Guide – Costs even lower than I thought!
  2. Toyota plans to lose to Tesla – 1 million electric vehicles from here 2025
  3. Volkswagen does not do anything that no other manufacturer does – announce electric cars
  4. Elon Musk at E3 – Fallout Shelter, Netflix and YouTube coming to Tesla
  5. Tony Stark – Elon Musk admitted to James Bond Villain's side project … or something
  6. The Tesla Analyst stock price chart raises questions and offers two things to remember
  7. Chart: Electric cars reduce their fuel consumption by hundreds of millions of gallons a year
  8. Tesla "Party Mode" coming, spotted by the pirate
  9. Rationalization of the manufacture of the Tesla 3 model for the Y model
  10. Tesla sells a Porsche and Jaguar worldwide in Q1
  11. Top Gear declares world's fastest payload car, Tesla Model 3
  12. Why the Tesla Solar Roof is a Good Deal, 53% of the Price of a Roof + Electricity – CleanTechnica Analysis
  13. TRUMP V. EARTH: Who put the Appalachian Trail on the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline?
  14. 2 kinds of luxury vehicles: New Age 3 Tesla model vs. Old World Mercedes C300
  15. Analysis of Tesla Demand Cliff, courtesy of a junk food lover (Chart)
  16. Hyundai Kona EV n ° 1 in the Netherlands in May, Tesla Model 3 still n ° 1 in 2019
  17. Tesla adds more quarters to improve its mobile service offerings
  18. Tesla Model X SUV Smokes Lamborghini Aventador (Video)
  19. Walt Disney World Solar Panels now span 200 hectares – 50 megawatt solar park powers ~ 2 theme parks
  20. Jaguar I-PACE Size vs Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model X

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