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Major structure of Fortnite's Pleasant Park mysteriously destroyed

Pleasant Park has remained pretty much the same since the start of Fortnite Battle Royale until now. A key structure in the "peaceful" neighborhood was demolished by unknown means.

The Fortnite map has been slowly attacked by unknown methods in recent weeks. Polar Peak suffered in its landscape, the houses of Snobby Shores lost a member and now, Pleasant Park feels the heat.

These events may or may not be related to the next Cattus event. Due to a reduction in leaksit is difficult to say what causes these disasters.

"Modern House" Pleasant Park Destroyed

The general infrastructure of the park has remained virtually identical in the history of Fortnite BR. Minor changes have been made here and there, but nothing major … until now.

The modern house of Pleasant has been erased by unknown means. According to the images of FortniteMaster, the long-standing structure no longer holds.

Epic Games has not given any explanation for the destruction of the building, but we must expect it. The developer does not often want to reveal too much before the climax of an upcoming event.

This turn of events is probably related to the "modifications" of buildings made in recent weeks. Polar Peak saw its turn take a hit and Snobby Shores also suffered similar damage.

Snobby Shores after construction damage

From what we can infer, these events are somehow related to the coming of the Cattus event. "Cattus" is the name given to the monster stuck in the iceberg.

We still do not know when we can expect this event to happen and that it is increasingly difficult to get verifiable leaks.

The "Cattus" arrive in the near future or not so close

As soon as we have more information on the meaning of these events, we will let you know. Make sure to follow us to @FortniteINTEL to keep up to date on everything about Fortnite.

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